I have had the opportunity to work with Dennis over the last 6 months and I am really happy with the imporvements I have made in my game. I play at the international level but in the past I haven’t had consistent goalie training. When I started training with Dennis I really wanted to start at the beginning and work on basics and technique. We spent time working on footwork, balance, and hand positioning and it helped me so much. With better balance and technique I am able to make saves I normally would struggle with. From there we have worked on various things including deflections, penalty corners, and shoot outs. Dennis has a lot of experience as a goalkeeper and is very knowledgeable so I feel that I am constantly learning new things. He has a variety of equipment at his disposal which keeps the training really fun as well as challenging. He also uses video analysis at different angles so we can really break things down and narrow in on areas for me to keep improving on. I would highly recommend Dennis to goalkeepers of all ages and experience levels!"

Kaitlyn WilliamsCanadian National Woman's Team, Royal Victory 1st Woman's Team

It´s always great to train with Dennis van de Pol. He is a very good coach, and his training sessions combine technical and moving drills perfectly! I like espacially the drills with the Crazy Catch and the orange Ketchet boards, that challenges you a lot."

Tobias WalterGerman National Men's Team, KHC Dragons 1st Men's Team

Dennis is a very helpful and good goalkeeper coach. He has taught me a lot about indoor hockey thanks to his collaborative and innovative way of training! A huge recommendation!"

Hidde BrinkDutch U21, Dutch Indoor Men's Team, Pinoke 1st Men's Team

I'm always looking forward to the goalie sessions with Dennis! There are a lot of ball contacts in every session! Dennis explains everything very well and clear so I understand directly."

Charlotte van DoorneAH&BC Amsterdam Girls U11