I hear you think, in what way can Dennis help me out?

To make a D-Master of EVERYONE! 

Well, the better the clips are and the more specific the technique is you want to improve, the better i can help you out with my feedback! I will always try to make my feedback as clear as possible by adding screenshots and small video clips/links into the comment to make myself as clear as i can be to help you improve quick!

Often a thing you struggle with is there to improve because of something you haven't thought about. Therefor for all the clips, you and the one that plays the ball on goal must be in the frame! This is a really important point. Goalies always react on a ball leaving a stick, so that stick needs to be in the clip too! :)

Let's start with the basics! Every move starts with a couple of really important things! Make sure you give yourself a fair chance of stopping a ball by standing still before the shot comes, making sure your balance is right (forward and sideways!) and having your basic stance right. If these things are there, you have a fair chance of stopping the ball!

How does the feedback work?

This is pretty simple! I noticed that everyone makes the video's with a phone since most camera's on phone are really good! Then sending it from your phone is the easiest! WhatsApp works great then, then we have video's and feedback with pictures / video's and text in 1 conversation! Also will I always send the feedback in an email just to make sure it is easier to look back on what you did per week/video upload!