D-Master GOALIE Community

This is the basic community start! For our coaching you have to be a D-Master member of the community, within this price are 2 feedback moments on the video's! Every video upload after this will be €9,95.

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To be able to upload video's for feedback being a member of D-Masters is needed. Included in this package is the upload of 2 video clips. Every video upload after this will be €9,95.

After being a member of D-masters we will send you an email with the procedure of uploading your video, after receiving the video we will give our comments and recommendations in an email back to you with screenshots of what we mean.

We also have packages with a discount:
10 clips: instead of 10 x €9,95 = €99,50 → €95
15 clips: instead of 15 x €9,95 = €149,25 → €140
20 clips: instead of 20 x €9,95 = € 199 → €175
This package will last forever, it's up to you to decide when you will send the clip!