I hear you think, in what way can Dennis help me out?

To make a D-Master of EVERYONE!

Well, the better the clips are and the more specific the technique is you want to improve, the better i can help you out with my feedback! I will always try to make my feedback as clear as possible by adding screenshots and small video clips/links into the comment to make myself as clear as i can be to help you improve quick!

Often a thing you struggle with is there to improve because of something you haven't thought about. Therefor for all the clips, I need the complete picture from 2 angles, every save and every move needs your entire body to coorporate!

Let's start with the basics! Every move starts with a couple of really important things! Make sure you give yourself a fair chance of stopping a ball by standing still before the shot comes, making sure your balance is right (forward and sideways!) and having your basic stance right. If these things are there, you have a fair chance of stopping the ball!