I hear you think, in what way can Richard help me out?

To make a D-Master of EVERYONE! 

I believe that every hockey player can learn a drag flick by finding your specific style that optimizes your movement. The key to master your drag flick is to create balance, control and timing. The drag flick technique is divided in 4 phases with their own challenges. But the most important question is…do I want to become a drag flick master?

Well, the better the clips are and the more specific the technique is you want to improve, the better i can help you out with my feedback. I will always try to make my feedback as clear as possible by adding screenshots and text. Small videos clips and the comment to make myself as clear as i can to help you improve quick.
Often a thing you struggle with is there to improve because of something you havenʼt thought about. Therefor for all the clips, I need the complete picture from 2 angles, every drag-flick and every step and move needs your entire body to coorporate