How did I become an international Goalie Coach?

12 Jun

Let's start at the beginning of my hockeylife.

To choose for hockey was an easy one, a lot of my familiy members played hockey and so was my mother, so at a young age I was already dragged to thcoaching in Zimbabwee hockey pitch. So when I was about 10 years old it was also my time to get my very first own hockeystick and join the beautiful club of HCHN!

The moment I started with my study in Delft I got in contact with Martijn Drijver and his hockey camps. Until that moment I didn't have any form of proper goalie training so you can imagine that everything Martijn said about goalie techniques was completely new to me. I started to participate as a trainer in his hockey camps to learn to be a better goalie trainer. I never had goalie training myself, and i wanted to learn more goalies a proper technique from a younger age. 

The hockey camps were a real eye-opener for me! I never had the idea before that there was so much thinking/idea behind stopping a ball, I never thought about it before, I just stopped the ball. The hockey camps in Amsterdam were for goalies only, so you can imagine that it was a lot of information for me, but i enjoyed it fully!
The techniques I learned during the hockeycamps and clinics I did for Sportways and Martijn Drijver gave me so much energy and information that I started to use it in my own game as well to keep growing as a goalie, I still didn't have any goalie training....

Next to my study I also started teaching goalies in clubs close to me what I learned during the summers, this was already on a weekly base but started very small. I coached some junior and senior goalies in several clubs in Delft (the placed where I studied). The thougest for me then was to coach the goalie of DHC Hudito 1st Men's Team, they played in  much higher division then I did myself, and the goalie was older then me. You can imagine, I didn't feel entirely comfortable in the beginning.

After my study it all became a bit more serious, next to my job in a big building company I coached 2 evenings at much bigger clubs. At this stage I had much more experience, confidenceTechnical Manager @ Sportways Camp and I was a bit older. This all helped me a lot to go towards the clubs and really improve the techniques of the goalies! 

Also my job at Sportways changed from the trainer that executes the exercises made by the Technical Manager towards that job of the Technical Manager. At this moment I wrote my own clinics and exercises that 40+ international goalies with the 10-12 trainers executed. To see that your plan works, they all make big steps within 1 week and to see everyone is having a great time is one of the best feelings I know!

Through the Sportways camp I got to know a lot of international goalies and trainers, excellent for the network! But doing several camps each year for already a long time I now can say I have friends in all parts of the world! And because Sportways is in my (and much more with me) opinion the best organisation in international hockeycamps, being a Technical Director there was very good on

my resumé! At this moment I played at a hockey club called Groen Geel (Green Yellow) and my goalie coach was the master himself, Martijn Drijver! Now not only on the clincs and hockeycamps I got to learn from him, but now on a weekly base I learned! I learned from his drills, his explainations, his talks and 

A less good moment in my career was that the building company where I worked for did let me go, I was fully focussed on hockey at that moment, and for them that was a reason to let me go, I could never work a bit more due to hockey every evening. BUT with all bad things there will be GOOD things! This opened up loads of time for me to do even more in hockey! 

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