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About D-Masters

We are Richard de Snaijer & Dennis van de Pol from the Netherlands! 

We are full-time professional field hockey coaches and we want you to become the new D-Master!!

D-masters is an online platform where we can help you to improve your goalie or dragflick skills.

In may 2018 we were in Zimbabwe to spread the dragflick and goalie word, there the idea of reaching more and more people grew! Now 6 months later we want you to be the next D-Master!

Why D-Masters??

There is enough to teach, and luckily also enough people that want to learn!! To spread our knowledge we think this is the way to help out as much people around the world in a very easy way! 

How does it work?

Quite simple actually! Become a member of our community to become a part of our trainingsgroup! When you are a community member you can upload your goalie or dragflick video's and we will comment on the video's to improve your skills!
Every feedback from us will be guided with pictures/video's and textual explanations.

Is it hard to make a good quality video?

This is also quite easy! When it is about techniques (dragflick, approach of the dragflick, saving a ball on the stick etc) the best way is to film it from 2 angles for good feedback! This doesn't have to be the same move so can also be recorded in 2 diffirent moves! And also good to know that quality from a decent smartphone camera is already good enough!